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7 Reasons to Charter a Small Yacht Kontiki Expedition

Kontiki Expedition will set forth on a chartered exploration of the seldom-visited Ecuadorian coast, allowing for a rich cultural adventure and an exclusice voyage. With only nine staterooms for 18 people and stops at unpopulated coastal ports, social distancing is the norm rather than the exception.

Reason 1

Kontiki Expeditions offers a small-ship, luxurious experience with no fear of crowds either on-board or during water or land activities.

Reason 2

Ecuador is home to 302 miles of coastline. Kontiki Expeditions drop anchor at seldom-visited ports where locals welcome visitors with a deep cultural inmersion, sich gastronomy, and beautiful flora and fauna. Additionally, Kontiki visits islands and inland areas, not accessible to larger ships, where indigenous blue-footed boobies, howler monkeys, cuzumbos, silver rays and hummingbirds abound.

Reason 3

The privileged group size allows for extensive interpersonal connection with small local communities, hands-on experiences and observations of lifestyles, handicrafts, cuisine and traditions.

Reason 4

The yacht's small size and small passenger size ensure personalized attention, in-depth experiences and the apportunity to enhance any interes during the voyage be it water activities, wellness, land activities or education.

Reason 5

Health precautions are paramount on a small yacht. With its nearly 1:1 staff to guest ratio, attention to detail is maintained at all times. Health precautions prior to boarding, on ship, and land are strictly maintained.

Reason 6

Sustainability is more important than aver given the effects of overtourism. With a small yacht epedition, protocols for environmental protection are carefully maintained and giving back to the communities visited is a prioriry.

Reason 7

A small yacht is perfect for a multigenerational, multi-family, or private getaway. The yacht can also be booked as a charter for a private escape with bespoke activities easily arranged
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Andre Robles
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