Ecuador | Bespoke Authentic Experience aboard Kontiki Wayra

Bespoke Authentic Experience aboard Kontiki Wayra

Luxury travel has progressively evolved into a daring exploration of places that awaken emotions; locations that inspire travelers though a connection with local people, natural, treasures, unique cuisine, and traditions. Experienced travelers are today’s explorers, eager to find moments of amazement and discovery trough authentic life enriching experiences.


Adventures enjoy getting immersed in the trails in the Pacoche Humid Forest, surrounded by vast vegetation home to hundreds of different species of animals. Ad we walk through the forest, we can hear the peculiar roar of the howler monkeys, learn about scary tarantulas, or see with awe some of the tiniest frogs in the world.
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Cultural Immersion

In the small town of Plie lives a community of artisan weavers, experts in the crafts of toquilla straw hats. They open their houses to our visitors for a mesmerizing cultural experience. Toquilla weaving is an ancient concentration and the involvement of the weaver’s complete body.
Kontiki cultural immersion

Island Exploration

Probably a favorite among nature lovers, Isla de la Plata is home to marine birds such as the beloved blue footed boobies, masked boobies, and frigatebirds. Isla de la Plata is also an incredible scuba diving and snorkeling spot where you can easily see giant rays, marine turtles, and whale sharks not too far from the surface. It is not unusual to cruise to Isla de la Plata in the company of humpback whales and playful dolphins who do not shy away from the yacht.
Ecuador Whale

Experiential Gastronomy

One of the most memorable epicurean experiences happens in the small community of San Miguel de Sarampión where we visit an organic cocoa farm, land of cocoa-producing trees that are over 120 years of age. Their cocoa beans are the purest in the world and our foodie guests will appreciate the artisan chocolate-making class right where the cocoa is grown and harvested, following ancient preparations techniques. We are true believers that food should be enjoyed unforgettable ways.

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