Ecuador | Exciting News: Kontiki Expeditions Is The First Ecuadorian Cruise Line To Be Now B Corp Certified!

Exciting News: Kontiki Expeditions Is The First Ecuadorian Cruise Line To Be Now B Corp Certified!


We are delighted to announce that Kontiki Expeditions has achieved the distinction of being the inaugural Ecuadorian Cruise Line and the premier company in the province of Manabí to receive certification as a B Corporation.

The B Corp certification underscores our dedication to maintaining a balance between business objectives and a sense of purpose. We have undergone a thorough evaluation by B Lab, a nonprofit organization that assesses businesses based on their social and environmental impact.

This certification acknowledges that we adhere to the highest standards of performance, transparency, and accountability across various domains, including governance, workforce, community engagement, environment, and customer relations.

By attaining B Corp status, we align ourselves with a global movement of companies committed to using business as a positive force. It signifies our commitment to creating positive and meaningful impacts toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

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Promotion of Sustainable Destinations


We collaborate with communities grounded in ancient teachings and customs to preserve their identity. In Pile and Ayangue, these communities serve as gateways for global travelers to explore the towns, appreciate local craftsmanship, and support the people and their inspiring work, with the goal of raising awareness about ancestral activities.

Social Programs


A social program has been initiated in the town of Pile to provide opportunities for children facing vulnerability due to social exclusion and a lack of access to professional support. In alliance with the Real Madrid Foundation, Kontiki Expeditions has established a soccer school to work with 40 kids and teenagers, offering them education in values through sports, academic support, and parental education.

Kontiki Expeditions in alliance with the Real Madrid Foundation
Photo: Zafrero

Environmental Commitment


We collaborate with the environmental organization "Mingas por el Mar," dedicated to preserving Ecuador's coastline. The primary goal is to shift consumption habits, advocate against single-use plastics, and promote recycling initiatives. Through community education, we raise awareness about the harmful effects of ocean pollution and organize collaborative efforts (mingas) to clean beaches and the ocean.



Our onboard gastronomy aims to showcase traditional local flavors. Every bite features top-quality local ingredients, with notes of sea and land, in an experience that goes directly from the farm and the sea to the table. Fish, seafood, poultry, and meat are sourced from small producers and artisanal fishermen in the country.

A Milestone Achievement


Kontiki Expeditions has curated a series of experiences that redefine tourism by prioritizing environmental responsibility, showing respect for the places and communities visited, and creating meaningful connections for the conscious traveler.

As our journey continues, we are more inspired than ever to innovate, collaborate, and contribute to a better world. We extend an invitation for you to join us on this exciting adventure toward a more sustainable, responsible, and purposeful future together!

Visit Ecuador | Exciting News: Kontiki Expeditions is the first Ecuatorian Cruise
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