Ecuador | New Kontiki Experience: Kallpa Wellness Retreat

New Kontiki Experience: Kallpa Wellness Retreat

Kontiki are continuously looking to offer the best experiences to the tourist. As a partner of Kontiki, we, Voyagers, are pleased to present the new Kontiki Experience, the Kallpa Wellness Retreat.

Kontiki presents an authentic journey of experiences, a program built to curate your personal well-being. This luxury retreat focuses on connecting mind and body and our understanding and immersion in the local culture, traditions, and nature.

Table of content
  1. Energy as the cornerstone of our exploration
  2. A Journey to Renewed Inner Energy
  3. Experience Information
  4. Meet the Kallpa Wellness Specialists
  5. Ingrid Bott
  6. Corina Roger
  7. Cristina Bajaña
  8. Alexandra Arteaga
  9. Denisse Ramos
  10. María Fernanda Bueno

The sailing experience will take you through forests and natural reserves to pristine islands and beaches, as well as rural communities, charming coastal villages, and small, picturesque villages.

Kontiki Experience Kallpa Wellness Retreat

Energy as the cornerstone of our exploration


The word Kallpa means energy in Quechua. This 8-day sailing expedition is a journey to explore the seven chakras. These are energy centers that run along our vertical axis. Experience is the only way to discover their importance in achieving happiness and peace. Kallpa Wellness wants you to discover the way to feel healthy and be free.

Kallpa Wellness | New Kintiki Experience: Kallpa Wellness Retreat

A Journey to Renewed Inner Energy


Join the Kallpa Retreat to experience a transformative journey in a unique location on the coast in Ecuador. Discover peaceful landscapes and tranquil surroundings every day as you sail to reconnect to your inner self and disconnect from the everyday.

Experience Information 


Daily Guided Meditation

Daily Guided Meditation | Kallpa Wellnes Retreat

Wellness Specialist and Speakers to guide us through our self-discovery process

Wellness Specialist and Speakers | Kallpa Wellness Retrear

Participate in traditional ceremonies to connect to nature and ancient cultures

Traditional ceremonies | Kallpa Wellnes Retreat

Daily exploration of natural reserves, local traditions, and small communities

Daily exploration | Kallpa Wellness Retreat


Authentic gastronomic experiences following ancient cooking traditions

Authentic gastronomic experiences | Kallpa Wellness Retreat


Sunset yoga practice to release and relax before the end of the day.

Sunset yoga practice | Kallpa Wellnes Retreat

Meet the Kallpa Wellness Specialists


The new Kallpa Wellness expedition will use spiritual guidance to tap into the 7 chakras of your body as a way to harness and shift your energy.

In this section, you will meet the experts that Kontiki provides. These experts will guide you on this self-discovery journey and help you achieve your personal goals by working with the chakras. Here are some quick descriptions of the wellness experts and what they are going to provide for you to discover for yourself.

Ingrid Bott


Certified Yoga Instructor, She uses a fluid, dynamic style of yoga to teach that is an extension of Vinyasa. It's designed to express freedom of movement in the mind and the body.

Ingrid Bott | Yoga Instructor

Corina Roger


Certified Yoga Instructor, She combines techniques from Ashtanga, Anusara and Iyengar to create a fun class.

Corina Roger | Yoga Instructor

Cristina Bajaña


Sound Medicine Therapist, The sound bath and cocoa ceremony will help you to stop, breath, and meditate. Relax and relieve tension and blocks from your body.

Cristina Bajaña | Sound Medicine Therapist

Alexandra Arteaga


Holistic Therapist, She gives guidance in how to control your emotions and heal emotional wounds to live a fulfilling life. You can regain your confidence, learn to love yourself and connect with your intuition.

Alexandra Arteaga | Holistic Terapist

Denisse Ramos


Health Coach, She provides practical advice on how to achieve our goals. Recognize your strengths, talents, and virtues so you can use them to your advantage.

Denisse Ramos | Health Coach

María Fernanda Bueno


Ayurveda Coach, with her you will learn how to bring her teachings into everyday life. Learn how you can apply her teachings in everyday situations.

Maria Fernanda Bueno | Ayurveda Coach
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