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Trends in the luxury industry: Neo-luxury sea expeditions in coastal Ecuador

The luxury goods industry has seen a progressive shift in consumers' behavior towards a new set of values in which offers with purpose, production with integrity and slowing down are preferred over abundance, capricious consumption and fast paced living.

The luxury travel industry is not spared from “Neo-Luxury” (new luxury) trends, as we see increasing interest from savvy travelers about unusual immersive experiences rather than typical location-oriented holidays.

At Kontiki Expeditions we have identified four important trends to follow in luxury travel:

Innovation and Digitalization

Luxury travel needs to be novel and exclusive and today it also needs to have a digital component. Our team has implemented digital tools in different areas such as digital marketing and digital added value during our customer journey, including QR information spots and augmented reality in some destinations.

Individualization and Co-creation

Travelers want to be able to personalize an experience or daily activities according to their interests, likes and needs. At Kontiki we have moved away from standardization and have created unique curated experiences to please our most demanding guests.
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This might be the most important change in the luxury industry and it is one of the cornerstones of our operation. Kontiki's approach to a philosophy of sustainability goes beyond caring for the environment, to us, it is an internal and external revolution focused on long-term ecological and social wellbeing.

Conscious Travel

Our expeditions are designed so that our guests can enjoy meaningful experiences while creating a positive impact on the places and people they meet. We believe in traveling with purpose by fostering a real cultural
and economic exchange between our guests and local communities by means of enriching experiences.
Andre Robles
Andre Robles
Andre Robles is an expert in everything South America, his passion for the region and exploring off the beaten path makes his travel writing both useful and interesting. He has written for several mainstream publications and you can read his guides on Ecuador, Peru, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. Andre is also an accomplished photographer and has been recognized as one of the best wildlife photographers in the region, his photos have been featured in National Geographic and other journals. As a travel agent Andre specializes in curating unique experiences, crafting tailor made itineraries and helping visitors make the best of their vacation, always putting the experience first
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