South America | 10 Important Safety Tips for Your Cruise Vacation in South America

10 Important Safety Tips for Your Cruise Vacation in South America


Unique characteristics, extreme places to visit, and a diverse culture to experience— South America is one of the seven continents in the world that is a complete dream for thrill-seekers.

Now, to fly directly from where you are right now to any point of entry in South America is a boring idea, especially if you have the luxury to indulge yourself in a cruise across this amazing continent.

The good thing about cruises? There are not many restrictions when it comes to your checked luggage. While it’s still better to be on the safe side and bring only the items that you would usually bring on a plane, most cruise lines will give you the freedom to bring whatever you want as long as you only bring two luggage with you.

Aside from their luggage rule, there are other things you must keep in mind when cruising down the Atlantic Ocean. Here are ten other tips to make sure you have only the best cruisin’ time in South America.

Pay Attention During the Muster Drills

Brasil Everyone’s utmost priority when embarking on a cruise journey should be to learn how to respond during emergencies. Every cruise company in the world takes their muster drill seriously because of its importance. 

Each passenger must pay attention during the lecture about crucial information that could eventually save their lives if something unfortunate happens.

It includes knowing how to correctly use a life jacket, where to go in the event of an emergency, and all other safety measures that everyone should know.




Listen Out for Ship Announcements

It would be best if you also watched out for announcements from the ship’s crew. Sometimes, you will hear important ones that involve the ship’s movements and the weather condition for the day that could affect the waves. 

These daily announcements are often communicated through cabin speakers, which means you should pay attention to them.

Know Your Surroundings

Brasil | South americ toursA cruise ship is usually humongous in size. It’s not like a plane where you can just walk straight, and you’ll easily find your way back to your seat. 

If you don’t want to be lost on your first day on board, you must first familiarize yourself with the ship’s entire map. It’s important to know your way around first before deciding to explore the entirety of your temporary ocean home.

Another thing to look for is the medical station. You must know by heart the way to these emergency stops when you feel something unusual is going on.

Use the Ship’s Safe

When exploring around, we do not encourage you to bring your valuables such as jewelry, and your entire stash of cash. There’s an available ship safe where you can keep all your important stuff and avoid any possible theft.

Utilizing the ship’s safe allows you to disembark and explore the country you are in safely. You can’t leave your valuables in your room as if inviting intruders to rummage your stuff.


Read Your Cruise Ship’s Safety Plan

ArgentinaIt’s also a must to familiarize yourself with the ship’s safety plan. That’s why paying attention during the muster drill could be a lifesaver. It’s highly important to locate your lifeboat station easily during moments of panic and chaos. 

We suggest taking the route to your station on a normal day so that you know the way to your safety when the need arises.




Drink Alcohol Responsibly

We know you’re in South America. We know it’s impossible not to drink a glass or two of beer or Pisco sour. But hear us out: although major cruise lines have a bar on board, it doesn’t mean you are at liberty to go all-out crazy on your alcohol consumption. 

If you haven’t heard of it yet, most cruise accidents are often associated with alcohol intoxication. If you want to enjoy the rest of your vacation, be responsible enough when dealing with alcohol.

Most importantly, don’t just accept drinks from a stranger because you won’t have time to cross-check whether the glass they are offering is clean and pure. You don’t want to be at risk during the entire cruise, so taking an extra ounce of precaution might be necessary.

Swim at Your Own Risk

Sugarloaf mountain BrasilWe know how tempting it is to cannonball yourself right into the ship’s pool, knowing you’re in the middle of a vast ocean. What an experience, right? We know how it feels to be amazed at the sight of a gorgeous pool, but tone down the excitement.

Children must always be under supervision when swimming. Sure, it’s an extraordinary experience for the bunch of vacationers, but make sure kids are well-attended during their pool time.

Even adults need supervision, especially if you’re not much of an experienced swimmer. Make sure you have someone with you before you jump right in for safety purposes. A buddy system can be helpful in case you need a hand.


Wash Your Hands

Times are different now. With the surge of different viruses that threaten the human race’s existence, every vacationer must practice proper hygiene at all times. It is to ensure a lower rate of germ and virus transmission.

It won’t hurt you if you frequently wash your hands while onboard the cruise. There are plenty of powder rooms around the ship where you can clean your hands, arms, or even feet.

Do Not Throw Items Overboard

ArgentinaLet’s not be rude. Be a responsible traveler by throwing your trash in the right bins. It’s another form of respect that everyone on board should be aware of. 

Imagine throwing your cigarette butt mindlessly into the wind, and it ends up near a fuel tank that could start a fire. Imagine how terrible it is to be stuck in a situation like that because you chose to be rude to your surroundings.

Even when you disembark, make sure you respect the beauty of the place around you, especially in a place like South America where cultural sites thrive, and the wildlife is amazing.

Let’s hope you all are wise enough to think about the actions you take when you’re on vacation.


Be Prepared

In any vacation setup, it’s always better to be prepared than to be taken aback by an unwanted situation you didn’t even know could happen during the trip.

There’s nothing wrong about preparing for the worst. It doesn’t take away your right to be happy during the entire trip. It even gives you peace of mind knowing you’re well prepared in case something unexpected happens.

You must have a list of emergency numbers of South American countries so that wherever you are on the continent, you’ll know who to call. On that note, you must also bring a portable battery pack in case your phone dies.

Because South America is filled with so much character, you might find yourself in an overwhelming pool of sensational sights to see, not to mention the amazing experience that awaits you onboard the cruise.

Safety first, and enjoy your trip! 

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