South America | The Best Hotels to Stay During Your Honeymoon in South America

The Best Hotels to Stay During Your Honeymoon in South America


At the thought of a honeymoon destination, South America stands out to be among the first places to consider, owing to the region’s exceptional romantic hotels and spas. Some of the outstanding honeymoon stopover hotels include:

Belmod Hotel | PeruBelmond Sanctuary Lodge, Peru

Talking of fun and privacy at the same time? The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is a spectacular honeymoon destination that avails both. Apart from the peaceful environment in the spa, the Lodge provides a romantic experience as it offers you the opportunity to observe the serene Huayna Picchu of Peru. Additionally, the hotel provides special wedding areas and guests can enjoy private yoga, private gardens, and private visits to the citadel.


Inkaterra Hotel | PeruInkaterra Hacienda Urubamba, Peru

Unlike other honeymoon destinations, Inkaterra is located in a sacred valley, where it offers a relaxing retreat. The hotel is unique for its superb services, food, and accommodation to guests. A couple on a honeymoon retreat will feel at home in the sacred valley as there is great interaction will local traditions and cultural practices. The hotel has a cozy dining room and lounge, welcome terrace, and luxury casitas that offers honeymooners a relaxing solitude, serenity, and open spaces to observe the valley.


Barranco Hotel | PeruHotel B Barranco, Peru

Hotel B is intrinsically intriguing, particularly to a newly wedded couple. If you are fascinated by art and eye-catching beauty, hotel B is an appropriate honeymoon destination point. The hotel is located in Peru’s capital, Lima, and embodied by excellent service, delicious food, and fantastic rooms. Photography and modern artwork that lines its corridors provides a romantic environment that reflects the social scene and vibrancy of Lima.



Iguana Crossing Hotel | GalapagosIguana Crossing Hotel, Galapagos

The Iguana Crossing Hotel is among the liveliest hotels in South America. The hotel has excellent facilities, services and it’s well located on Isabela Island. The ideal lagoon and sandy beaches in front of the hotel makes it a tranquil point for a couple on honeymoon. The couple would have the opportunity to enjoy basking on the sandy beaches and observe a variety of wildlife in the lagoon. 

Golden Bay Hotel | GalapagosGolden Bay Hotel, Galapagos

The Golden Bay Hotel is a luxury hotels in San Cristobal Island (Galapagos). There is not a better way to wake up in the morning, with the perfect sea view during your honeymoon. Besides, you can enjoy one of the most amazing destinations in South America in luxury. The Golden Bay hotel is spacious and with wellness treatments to enjoy the moment. 



Illa Experience Hotel | QuitoILLA Experience Hotel, Ecuador

Just by its view, hotel Illa is welcoming, warm, and with a unique cultural experience. The hotel is stylish in every aspect with its suites and rooms decorated in contemporary, republican, and colonial styles. Couples on honeymoon would be delighted to visit the place as it offers experiences to visiting guests. One of the most treasured aspects of the hotel is its unique view of the Panecillo monument, an iconic place in Quito. Honeymooners will find it incredibly romantic having coffee in the rooftop bar. 

The Napo Wildlife center | Amazon EcuadorThe Napo Wildlife Center, Ecuador

The Napo is an Eco hotel in Ecuador that epitomizes Luxury and prestige. Every young couple on honeymoon would love to be there. Lodging at the hotel is comfortable and privacy is maximum. The Napo hotel is into the Amazon Rainforest, and therefore, couples enjoy wildlife encounters like parrot clay licks, the canopy towers, trails, creeks, and much more. The lodge is ideal for couples who are fascinated by natural vegetation. 


Stannum Hotel | BoliviaStannum Boutique Hotel & Spa, Bolivia

The Stannum is an essential honeymoon stopover in Bolivia. The rooms in the hotel provides unparalleled views of the Illimani Mountain and the stunning La Paz. Apart from the spectacular view of the Bolivia skyline, La Paz, and the snow-capped mountains, a couple on honeymoon should consider the Stannum as the hotel has a touch of sophistication, modern luxury, elegant décor, and technologically savvy. 


Radisson Hotel | BoliviaRadisson Hotel Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The Radisson hotel, located near the international airport Viru Viru, is an enchanting honeymoon stopover for both foreigners and locals. Honeymooners are amazed by spectacular services offered in the spa and are always gratified. Unique services such as room service, laundry, bar lounge, international restaurant, whirlpool, outdoor heated pool, and a fitness center are present for guests. 


Palacio de sal Hotel | BoliviaPalacio De Sal Hotel, Uyuni, Bolivia

The Palacio is a salt hotel in Salar de Uyuni. Due to its unique nature, the hotel is ideal for honeymooners as it blends perfectly into its spectacular and dramatic surroundings that are salt.  Its furniture, ceiling, walls, and infrastructure are made of bricks of salt. Couples enjoy having fun on the salt grounds and observing the Salar de Uyuni, which attracts tourists from all over the world. The hotel is comfortable and provides privacy for romantic dating and therefore superb for couples.

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